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Why Suppo

● Compared with our competitors' semi-automatic production line, Suppo is equipped with fully automatic production line, that helps with better products consistency, 100% on line testing ensure the performance of every product we shipped.

● Better than only ISO9001 system, SUPPO quality assurance system is an integration of ISO9001, TS16949 and other high-end customers required management system.  Qualified products come from systematic design instead of after production inspection, FMEA are applied throughout design and production process to control all quality related elements.

● Products are customized to each individual customer requirement to make our customer more competitive in their field.

● JIT production mode make our cost competitive and products fresher.

● 360° product safety design protect customer's brand value.

● Advanced module based R&D design platform and computer assisted design and evaluation system, SUPPO stands at the leading edge of the battery technology.

● Strong design and manufacturing capability of machine and equipments, automatic production line and fast mold switching.

● Wide working temperature from -40℃~50℃, nobody else can compete.

● Most clients are global top 500 companies, advanced international management concepts are synchronized in SUPPO.