Union Suppo Battery (Liaoning) Co., Ltd., as a professional rechargeable battery manufacturer for 20 years, provide not only batteries, but also a total recharge solution such as  charging control, overcharge and overdischarge protection, balancing and inverter etc.. Our products are widely used in vacuum cleaner, power tool, mine, medical equipment and personal health care field etc.

We have our main plants located in Anshan city of China, with one existing plant covering a building area 2,8000m2, and another 115,000m2 in construction, total 500 employees, annual production capability 200 million Ah plus other relative products such as BMS, PCBA. Strong quality assurance system is the concrete base of SUPPO, most of our customers are fortune 500 companies, we are ISO9001 ISO14000 qualified, products have UL, CE, CB, KFI approval.
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